The Best Baby Doll Car Seat Carrier of 2017

Three Of The Best Baby Doll Car Seats Reviewed

We’ve all been there. Dreading the long car journey with bored children in the back seat. Often kids want to bring their favourite toy with them, this helps to keep them entertained so you can concentrate on your driving. Buying a baby doll car seat lets your child’s favourite doll travel in style and allows playtime to continue on long journeys. Another good reason to buy a baby doll car seat is to familiarize young children with the process of getting in their own car seat. With a great selection of different products out there you’re sure to find the perfect baby doll car seat for your child.

Some things to consider before buying

As with any new purchase, a little bit of research can go a long way towards making an informed best choice. There’s a few things you should always check before buying your new baby doll car seat:

Build quality
As always when buying new toys for your child, build quality rates highly when picking out your final selection. This baby doll car seat is going to be carried from your home to your car and back again. You’ll want to choose a seat that is going to last. One that can take the odd knock and bump without falling apart. While a seat with better build quality might cost a bit more, you won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Cheap materials fade over time. They also tend to fray and rip. If your new baby doll car seat has straps, you are going to want to make sure they can handle all the use they will get. With so many colours and patterns out there, finding a seat that matches but is also hardwearing should be no problem at all.

Does it fit your doll
With the huge range of dolls on the market, size is something you will have to consider. Some baby doll car seats are adjustable, able to accommodate a number of different sized dolls. However some will be restricted to a certain size of doll. A quick check of compatible sizes will ensure your new baby doll car seat is just perfect for the lucky doll it was intended for.

Is it suitable for your child
Most toy companies will have a manufacturer’s recommended age attached to all their products. Small items, or loose straps are unsuitable for babies and toddlers. Please make sure when selecting your baby doll car seat that you take your child’s age into consideration.

The last thing you need when driving around is doll and chair flying around in the back of your car. Not only is this distracting but loose objects could bounce about and hurt you or a passenger in your car. It is recommended that your new car seat can be securely fastened to your vehicle.

Teaches your child about passenger safety from an early age

Not only does your baby doll car seat reassure your child that their favourite doll is safe on long journeys but it can also be used as a tool to teach your child about passenger safety. Many baby doll car seats are designed with realism in mind. They feature the same buckles and straps that your child’s own car seat might have. Spend time with your child, showing them how to buckle in their favourite doll and explain the reasons behind this. Next time they are getting into their own car seat they will notice the similarities. This can help teach young children the importance of passenger safety and explain why they are strapped up safely when travelling by car.

We had a look at some of the best baby doll car seats that you can buy online.

The amount of choice available online is staggering. We have decided to save you some time however, by presenting to you, our choice for the three best baby doll car seats.

1. Joovy “Just-like-mine” toy car seat

The Joovy “Just-Like-Mine” toy car seat is no ordinary dolls car seat. Modelled on the real thing this seat is as excellent a teaching instrument as it is a toy. Featuring an authentic 5 point harness, children can learn how to use the real thing while strapping their favourite doll in for the long journey ahead. The straps are fully adjustable allowing for a comfy fit for all dolls 12”- 20”. Playtime doesn’t stop when the car does. With comfy handles for little hands the booster seat can be carried indoors and used as a rocker. With a really cute polka dot design and removable washable covers this baby doll car seat is the complete package.

Things we like

Realistic design
Designed like a real car seat the Joovy can help teach your children about passenger safety. Creates new interactions for your child and their doll. Before a car journey begins, your child can spend time strapping in their favourite doll. Safe in the knowledge that their doll is secure your child can jump into their own seat right next to their special friend ready for the long adventure ahead.

Completely adjustable
With its 5 point harness adjustable for height and width, The Joovy “Just-Like-Mine” toy car seat is suitable for a wide range of doll sizes. This is great if your child has more than one doll that they like to take with them when you leave the house.

Not only is The Joovy “Just-Like-Me” an awesome car seat in its own right, you can also detach the carrier from the base and it becomes a rocker! Perfect for when your child wants to carry their doll inside. The base is also compatible with the Joovy Toy Caboose travel system.

The Joovy “Just-Like-Me” puts safety first. Securing to your car seat using a seat belt or special latch restraint system. This and the aforementioned 5 point harness means you can rest assured that the seat and doll aren’t going to start jumping around in the back of your car at an inconvenient time.

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2. Adora Car Seat Carrier Accessory

The Adora Car Seat Carrier is perfect for younger children. With its pink PVC base and the pretty floral design of its removable cover it is great for inquisitive and playful minds. A sturdy shoulder strap seat belt and padded head roll completes this cute baby doll car seat. Suitable for dolls up to 20” means any one of your child’s dolls can be safely secured and ready for adventure in no time at all. Machine washable cover and wipe clean PVC base means it’s perfect even for the messiest of children. Adjusting the comfy plastic handle can convert your baby doll car seat into a baby carrier or indoor seat. A great baby doll car seat at an inexpensive price.

Things we like

Pretty pink colour with floral pattern seat cover
We just love the colours of this seat. With its hot pink PVC base and whimsical floral patterns on the cover any doll is going to look fantastic when strapped in and ready to travel. The handle even has a pretty pink dangling flower to complete the look.

3 in 1
Just simply adjusting the handle turns your baby doll car seat into a baby carrier or indoor baby seat. Playtime doesn’t need to stop while driving home. Little mommies can get their dolls ready for travel then carry them to the car, before strapping them in safely for the journey ahead.

Can fit a wide range of dolls
Suitable for any doll up to 20” in size. The last thing we want is to have to leave your little ones favourite doll at home. Able to accommodate a wide range of doll types and sizes the Adora Car Seat is perfect for children with a variety of dolls. No more leaving your favourite doll at home because she can’t safely strap in.

Easy cleaning
With its wipe-clean PVC base and removable seat cover, the adora car seat is super easy to clean.Sticky sweets and melted chocolate pose no danger for its tough wearing material. Simply machine wash the seat cover and surface wipe the base and it’s looking good as new in no time at all.

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3. Bayer Chic Dolls Car Seat

This is one of the cutest baby doll car seats that we have come across. It’s lovely deep purple colour with white polka dots looks really pretty. A soft ergonomic aluminum handle with padding in the middle makes it easy for little hands to carry their doll to the car and back. Finished off with a floral design matching bib for baby dolls the Bayer Chic dolls car seat is an excellent choice. Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it isn’t built to last. It is well constructed with top quality fabrics and plastics. This baby doll car seat can stand up to the rigors of daily play.

Things we like

Not so expensive
A mid range baby doll car seat that won’t cost the earth. Even though it isn’t the most expensive seat on the list it doesn’t sacrifice build quality for price. Maybe with the money saved, you could buy that outfit for dolly that your child’s been hinting at for the last weeks.

Really very pretty
As mentioned before, this is one cute item. Its pretty colours and soft to touch materials go perfectly together. Finding an outfit for dolly that looks the part with their new car seat will be a fun experience. Some baby doll car seats lose a lot of of their aesthetic through bulky design and poor material choice. Not so with The Bayer Chic dolls car seat. Any baby doll will look amazing wrapped up safely in this brilliant addition to your collection.

Incredibly well made
The Bayer Chic Dolls car seat is very well made. From its sturdy seat belt and clip to its beautifully designed and hand stitched seat cover, the level of quality never wavers. Even with more energetic play this baby doll car seat stands up to the test of time.

Matching bib
Matching dolls clothes with their accessories is a big part of playtime. Bayer Chic Dolls Car Seat goes a step further by including a matching embroidered bib set. Helps synchronise baby dolls outfits to their new car seat. With an easy to open and close popcap that is perfect for little hands and fingers dressing their doll for the journey ahead has never been more fun.

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Our top recommendation

Without a doubt, the best baby doll car seat that we have found is The Joovy “Just-Like-Mine” toy car seat.

From its excellent build quality to its realistic design, The Joovy is leagues ahead of the competition. For such a complete and high quality product, the price is more than reasonable. Your child will delight in strapping in their favourite doll and taking him or her on any adventure.

Final thoughts

Which of the many baby doll car seats available online is perfect for your child? There seems to be a lot of different factors for you to consider. We hope this guide and review has helped to narrow down your options and allowed you to make the best possible choice. From teaching young children about passenger safety to providing more interesting and varied interactions with their doll. A high quality car seat for your child’s doll is a fun and instructive toy. Make noisy and stressful journeys a thing of the past, with a brand new baby car doll seat.