The best baby doll nursery set of 2017

Playing at being a parent is a pretty popular past time. What better way to foster your child’s nurturing instincts than with a baby doll nursery playset. Creating new ways to play and providing hours of entertainment the right nursery playset can be a valuable addition to your child’s doll collection.

Encourages gentle and nurturing play

Little Mommies love taking care of thier baby dolls. With the right nursery set, your child can get baby ready for the day ahead, feed them when they are hungry and then change their diaper. Just like they have seen their own Mommie do!

Some important things to consider before hitting that buy button

There are a few things you should definitely think about before purchasing your new baby doll nursery set. For your convenience we have listed some of the more important ones.

Build quality and materials used
There are often a lot of parts included with a nursery set. Checking to make sure all components are of a high standard is very important. Low quality materials will break or just become tatty and unsightly. You want your baby doll nursery to last. Spending a bit more at purchase can save you money in the long run.

Suitability for your child
Not all nursery sets are suitable for every child. If you have very young children, for example, you will not want a set that contains many small or loose parts. Smaller children may prefer lighter playsets so they can position and play freely without struggling.

Ease of assembly
Often overlooked, assembly can be a major headache. Check before you buy that your new baby doll nursery set comes with clear, easy to follow assembly instructions.

Time for the reviews!

We have scoured the web to bring you three of the best baby doll nursery sets. Read on to find all the information that you need to make an informed purchase.

Redbox Nursery Center Playset

The Redbox Nursery Center Playset has everything that children need to take care of their favourite baby doll. This playset comes complete with attached baby seat, bottle warmer, a bathing area and baby changing station with hanging mobile. With a huge range of accessories little mommies can have hours of fun and open ended play has never been easier. Made of durable plastic this baby doll nursery set is hardwearing and easy to clean.

Things we loved

  • So many accessories – With 21 different accessories to help with feeding,changing and bathing there are countless different games your child can play with this set. From spoons and forks to lotion bottles and baby wipes the perfect accessory for any game is sure to be included in this complete set.
  • Easy cleaning – Every parent knows that things can get messy! Made of colourful but durable plastic, cleaning is as simple as wiping down with a wet cloth and allowing to dry.
  • Bright and colourful – Bold and bright colours make this baby doll nursery set stand out and encourage your child to want to play. Topped off with a wonderfully cute hanging mobile, this set will look wonderful in any child’s bedroom or play area.

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Teamson Kids – All in One 18 inch Baby Doll Nursery Station

This baby doll nursery set is amazing. From its sturdy wooden construction to its double sided play areas which allow for easier interaction by more than one child. On one side you have a cute little crib for baby to sleep in. Underneath the crib you will find two canvas draws that can be filled with all of dolly’s favourite clothes. On the other side is a complete changing table and built in high chair with a few shelves for extra storage.

Things we loved

  • Incredible design – Shaped like a mini house the design of this baby doll nursery is amazing. With plenty of storage for baby clothes and accessories your children will have hours of creative and fun role-play with this beautiful set.
  • Suitable for play by two children at the same time – With its brilliant two sided design two children can happily play side by side. Perfect for playdates or for families with more than one little mommy in the house!
  • Easy assembly – The Teamson Kids All in One Baby Doll Nursery Station can take a little more time than usual to put together. Thankfully included are easy to read and follow, step by step assembly instructions.
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    American Plastic Toy – My Very Own Nursery Set

    Even though this baby doll nursery set is cheaper than the others on the list it doesn’t suffer in quality. Includes everything your child needs to take care of their baby doll. On one side of the delightfully cute crib is a feeding chair and tray, this comes with all the accessories you need for make-believe dinner time. On the other side you have a little sink for cleaning “dirty” dishes and a cupboard neatly tucked in underneath for extra storage.

    Things we loved

  • Cheap in price but not in quality – Made with sturdy molded plastic this baby doll nursery set is built to last. Often cheaper playsets lack quality. Thankfully My Very Own Nursery Set by American Plastic Toy offers high a high quality addition to your child’s collection without breaking the bank.
  • Multiple ways to play – Offering opportunities to play at all aspects of looking after a baby. After a nice afternoon nap, baby doll can be changed and fed in this all-in-one playset. Little mommies can engage in a wide range of nurturing role-play.
  • Suitable for different sizes of doll – Not all dolls are the same size. This can lead to your child’s favourite doll being left out at playtime when they don’t fit properly in the highchair or on the changing table. This set accommodates doll sizes from 16-20” comfortably.
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    Final words

    If you are looking for a multi function, high quality baby doll nursery set and price isn’t an obstacle we highly recommend the Teamson Kids – All in One 18 inch Baby Doll Nursery Station. Its incredible design and space for two children to play at the same time really sets it apart from other nursery playsets. At the other end of the price spectrum we have the My Very Own Nursery Set by American Plastic Toy. While it is considerably cheaper than our other pick, doesn’t mean the quality of the product suffers. With multiple ways to play and fitting a wide range of doll sizes this baby doll nursery set is a great choice.