The most complete Baby Doll Playset of 2017

From complete baby changing stations to the famous dolls tea party. There is a playset for almost every occasion. Maybe your child wants a nice bedroom set for their doll or just to take her for a ride on the swings. With an almost limitless selection to choose from, one of these top-notch baby doll playsets makes playtime not only more engaging, but also more fun!

Clothes aren’t everything!

I’m pretty sure your child’s dolls already have an outfit for every occasion. But after dressing baby doll Beatrice in that perfect “Walk-about-the-park” get up, what next? Kids have an amazing imagination. Playsets inspire more varied interactions between your child and their doll. Why not encourage this creativity?

Things to consider when buying a baby doll playset online

There are a few things to think about when choosing your new playset. With an ever increasing range of playsets to choose from finding the right one for your child has never been easier.

Build quality
As always, when buying something for your child, build quality is one of the first things you should consider. The last thing you want is your new doll crib falling apart a month after you buy it. Playsets should be sturdy and able to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

Easy and fun for young children to use
Playtime needs to be fun and kids love having a bit of independence. It’s not fun if your child needs your help to move their dolls high-chair next to the dinner table. With light but robust materials it’s easy for young children to move and position their playset without breaking it in the process.

Does your new playset fit a wide range of baby dolls? What could be worse than finding out only one of your dolls can fit into your new baby stroller. Some playsets will be designed for a particular brand of doll. Make sure the playset you buy is compatible with the doll it is intended for.

When buying your new playset be aware of any age restrictions on the product. Quite often playsets may contain small and loose objects. All good retailers will have a warning on their products if it unsuitable for younger children.

Top three babydoll playsets

With such a wide range of products on offer it’s hard to narrow down a top three. The sets I have recommended have been chosen, not only for build quality and price but also for the experience they provide.

1. Mommy & Me 3 in 1 Doll Play Set

For any 18” doll the Mommy and me 3 in 1 doll playset is perfect. This high quality set includes a bouncer, bassinet and highchair. The sturdy but light material means it’s easy for your child to move during playtime, but won’t fall apart under extended use.


  • Suitable for a wide range of baby dolls – Fits any 18” babydoll with ease. Perfect for those whose doll collection comprises many different brands.
  • Three high quality items – With bouncer, bassinet and highchair your child can engage in meaningful and nurturing play with their favourite baby doll. From dinner time to nap time this 3 in 1 playset is perfect for a variety of playtime settings.
  • Easy to fold and go – All three items fold and pack away. Great for easy transportation or storage. Less trouble than ever before to take your child’s favourite playset wherever you go.

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2. Melissa & Doug Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories

baby doll playset

Designed for the Melissa & Doug doll range. This wonderful playset combines two complete kits that are perfect for young children that like to play mummy or daddy. The feeding kit comes with multiple accessories including disappearing milk and juice bottles, two jars of pretend food and a really cute embroidered bib. After mealtimes your child can get the baby changed! With an easy close, cloth diaper and all the accessories you will ever need, playtime can be more immersive than ever before.


  • For the Melissa & Doug Doll range – Even tho this playset has been designed with a certain range in mind, it is suitable for any 12” doll.
  • Ideal for younger children – With no small parts you can feel at ease that your children are safe while playing. Easy to use diaper and bib fasteners ensure little hands and fingers will have no problem changing their doll. Easy to open pop caps on the food jars keep playtime fun and not frustrating for your child.
  • Built to last – Made with robust materials that you won’t be replacing any time soon. Not all children play gently! Quite often with accessory sets parts get broken or lost. With long lasting individual pieces and a beautiful cloth diaper bag to keep them all together this playset should last a very long time.

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3. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Baby Doll Bathtub and Accessories Set (6 pcs)

Another Melissa & Doug product makes our list. Designed for the Melissa & Doug range, it is also suitable for other 11-12” dolls. This fantastic bathtime and accessories set is perfect for make believe bathtimes. With its smaller size and durable plastic construction, bathtime can be more fun when your child gets to bathe their favourite doll at the same time! Included in this set are 6 doll-size accessories: bathtub, squeezy shampoo bottle with removable lid, washcloth, pretend soap with its own soap dish, and even a super cute rubber ducky.


  • Make bathtime fun! – Bathtimes can be chaotic especially if you have more than one child. At the perfect size to allow your child to bathe their favourite doll, the Melissa & Doug baby doll bathtub is great for focusing young minds on the task at hand.
  • Great for younger children – With no small parts this bathtub set is perfect for younger children. With the great tactile experience of opening your shampoo bottles or making sure the soap is in its tray, the extra fun can also help teach young children about bathtime. To top this off it also comes with an awesome mini rubber duck. Even the dolls will not longer be bored at bathtime.
  • Easy to clean – This is a biggie. As this is a bathtub set you can expect it to get wet! Made from durable plastic, cleaning is as simple as wiping down with a wet cloth and leaving to dry. With no small cracks or openings you don’t have to worry about mould developing.

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The most complete baby doll playset, some final thoughts

Playsets create more ways for your children to interact with their dolls. As well as just being more fun they can create more productive and nurturing play. It is important to remember however, that not all playsets are created equal. Please make sure you only buy quality well made playsets for your children. A little bit of research goes a long way to ensuring your child’s safety and maximising their playtime enjoyment.