The Most Popular Baby Doll Shoes of 2017

In an industry that generates an excess of two billion dollars in sales in the US alone, the range of products that are available for you or your child’s favourite doll can sometimes be overwhelming. There are many different things for you to consider when choosing a pair of shoes for your doll. In this guide we will help you to decide which item is best for you and then review 5 of the top selling baby doll shoes to help you make your choice.

What to look out for

When selecting which shoes to buy for your doll there are several important factors to consider:

Build Quality
The last thing you want is your new doll shoes falling apart or looking tatty after a short time. When selecting your shoes always check that the item is of a high quality. If the shoes are for a child’s doll you may want to consider tougher materials for added durability.

Whether your looking to dress an expensive porcelain doll for your collection or just get a new pair of shoes for your daughter’s favourite doll, material selection is very important. Cheaper materials will fade over time and become worn looking. When choosing the materials for a young child’s doll you may want to consider the tactile impression of the shoes (do they like to touch the material, does it invite them to interact with their doll)

For all parents when buying something for their children safety is of paramount concern. For older children or adults small items on the shoes such as buttons or extra trimmings which could come loose are not a problem. All reputable sellers will have a warning on their product if it contains items which may come loose and present a choking hazard. Similarly if your child is of the age where they still like to put everything into their mouths care should be taken that none of the materials are in anyway toxic when ingested.

Colour schemes

There is a near infinite range of colours that doll shoes are made in. Finding the correct colour or pattern match for your doll’s outfit is only a matter of searching.
Colour is important! Colours affect our moods and this is even more typical in young children. Color is one of the very first ways your child’s brain makes distinctions among the things that they see. Not only does your new dolls shoes have a colour that matches her dress but it can also teach your child about new colours,shades and patterns.

With or without laces

For an older child or an adult this is merely an aesthetic choice but when choosing for a younger child it also becomes about learning and safety. For a very young child or a baby we would recommend a velcro or elastic strap or secure pop buttons. This eliminates the choking hazzard of laces or “loose” buttons while providing tactile feedback from the velcro or the POP of the buttons. For an older child laces can be an ideal way to teach your children how to do their laces up and provides an added interaction while dressing their doll.

Top 5 baby doll shoes on the market

These are our top 5 baby doll shoes that you can currently buy online.

1. Sophia’s – Pink Ballerina Doll Flats

These incredibly well made ballerina flats are perfect for very young children and babies, with no removable parts or loose items. With a tight fit for your baby doll these shoes will not be falling off your doll in the street or getting lost around the house.

  • Small Ballet Pumps with Elastic Strap
  • Pink Ballerina Doll Flats created by Sophia’s
  • Ideal for young children or babies
  • Black sole

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2. Sophia’s – Sneaker Set to fit American Girl Dolls

These beautiful, well-made doll sneakers are made with high quality fabrics and sewn with finished seams. They will be a great addition to any doll’s wardrobe and come in a pack of three distinct colours. Features tie-up laces and realistic crafting. Also fits the American Girl Bitty Baby range and many others.

  • Made with High Quality Fabrics and Materials
  • A 3 pack of canvas sneakers that fit many top doll ranges
  • Look and feel like the real thing!
  • Not suitable for young children and babies

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3. Sophia’s – Silver Glitter Doll Sneakers Shoes

These high quality and affordable sneakers will bring a sparkle to any doll’s wardrobe. With a silver glitter base and sequins any child will be happy to dress their doll in these shoes. These shoes will cover a wide range of available doll brands.

  • Made with High Quality Fabrics and Materials
  • White Shoe Lace and Loops coordinate perfectly with many dress outfits
  • Fun for dressing and play
  • Not suitable for young children and babies

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4. The Wishlist Store – Sparkle Glitter Shoes

Need the perfect pair of shoes to complete that Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Look no further! These high quality and sturdy shoes are ideal for that ruby slipper look. Will fit many 18 inch dolls.

  • Made with High Quality Fabrics and Materials
  • Perfect for that “ruby slipper” look
  • Single strap with buckle
  • Fits many of the top doll brands
  • Not suitable for young children and babies

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5. Sophia’s – Faux Suede Ewe Boots

These fashionable, well made and authentic Ewe Boots look adorable. Coming in a pack of two distinct colours so you can match with many different outfits. Suitable for young children with a zip fastener and easy to remove which is important for little hands.

  • Made with High Quality Fabrics and Materials
  • Realistic look will complete any winter wardrobe
  • 2 colour pack
  • Ideal for young children

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Baby doll shoes, some final thoughts

There are many well crafted and beautiful items out there for your dolls. With a little bit of research you can find the perfect shoe, boot or sneaker for any outfit you can think of.

For the ages 3 and below, we recommend our number 1 pick, it’s an incredibly well made and beautiful looking ballet flat.

There are so many different types of shoes out there able to match any outfit you can think of. Based on build quality, the three pack of varied colours and their authentic look we can happily recommend these.

We hope you and your children enjoy your new baby doll shoes. Half the fun is finding the perfect pair to make the outfit complete.