Three Of The Finest Baby Doll Swing Sets 2017

All children love going to the park. Slides, ice-creams and riding the swings! What better way to play as mommy than to take your baby dolls for a ride on the swings. It is important for your child’s development to have a wide range of interactions with their dolls and a swing set is a great way to expand their role-play options.

Important! Things to check before you buy

Nothing but the best for your child! With a huge selection to choose from, you want to be sure you are choosing a safe and fun swing set. Here are a few things you should definitely check before purchase.

Is it built to last?
The nature of this toy means it is going to see a lot of use. From strapping dolls in, to pushing them on the swing. Without quality parts and materials, your new baby doll swing set won’t last long at all.

Does it fit my childs doll?
Not all swing sets are adjustable. While some will fit a wide range of doll sizes, certain swing sets will be suitable for only one size of doll. All manufacturers will have detailed information on their product, including the size range that is catered for.

Is it easy to assemble and clean?
Often swing sets require assembly. Check that your new set comes with easy to read instructions, or you might end up spending longer putting it together than your child spends playing on it. Cleaning is also important, often swing sets will get played with outside. You will want to make sure that it will be easy to wipe clean any solid parts and that any material is detachable for easy washing.

Onto the reviews

We searched through hundreds of different swing sets to bring you this list of three top-notch baby doll swing sets.

Beverly Hills Playground Twin Swing

The Beverly Hills Playground Twin Swing is delightful. With an easy to assemble, solid wood construction, playtime has never been so good. Fits two 18” dolls side by side, in a realistic twin swing set. Perfect for when your child’s dolls are on a playdate.

Things we like

  • High quality construction – From the top grade solid wood to the pretty pink painted parts, The Beverly Hills Playground Twin Swing radiates quality. After a quick assembly your child’s new doll swing is sturdy and hardwearing. With its fantastic build quality you need never fear the swing toppling over when your child is playing with it.
  • Fits two dolls – This chair is designed for an 18” baby doll. Luckily there is space for two! Great for when your child has friends over and they want an activity to play with their dolls together. Fits two dolls side by side.
  • Goes with other playground toys – The Beverly Hills Playground Twin Swing is part of a set that make up The Beverly Hills Playground. Not only does this swing set look magnificent on its own, it can also look fantastic next to a slide or seesaw for that perfect make-believe playground.

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You & Me Musical Doll swing

The You & Me Musical Doll swing has style as well as versatility. The frame of the swinging chair is made of aluminium, this is very unlikely to break and lower the lifespan of your child’s new baby doll swing. The chair itself is made of high quality fabric with a pretty floral pattern. The chair can be detached and used as a lightweight baby doll carrier, perfect for little arms and hands. Playtime just got even better! With a pretty dangling mobile and multi tune musical player completing the package, we think your child will love this item.

Things we like

  • Its musical! – Little Mommies love rocking their “babies” asleep. Now with The You & Me Musical Doll swing they can do this while soothing lullabies are played. Music plays while the seat is rocking. Adds extra immersion for your little one while playing with their dolls.
  • Two in one – Dinner is ready! Time to go for a drive! Playtime doesn’t have to end then. With an easy release clasp your child can turn their baby swing into a carrier. Perfect to bring their best friend with them wherever they go.
  • Hard wearing aluminum frame – The extra hardwearing aluminium frame is genius. Aluminium is really light, this makes it perfect for little hands to carry and place their toys where they want. While being light as a feather it is also strong. Strong enough to keep up with day to use? Absolutely.

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Badger Basket Doll Swing and Carrier

Badger Basket make some excellent doll accessories and playsets and this doll swing and carrier is no exception. Perfect for entertaining baby dolls on the swing, and when it’s time to go out and about the seat can be detached and becomes a baby carrier. It is also adjustable so your doll can swing sitting up or lying down while napping. A sturdy aluminium swing with nylon straps promises a long lifetime and safety during playtime.

Things we like

  • Fits many doll sizes – Fits all dolls up to 20”. Don’t worry if your child has several favourite dolls. They will all get a chance to swing in this excellent accessory. Also fits the American Girl doll brand perfectly.
  • Detachable seat – The detachable seat allows new ways to play. The baby carrier lets your child bring their favourite doll with them wherever they go.
  • Good price considering quality – Definitely not the most expensive item we have found. Often with cheaper accessories the quality is sacrificed. Not so with the Badger Basket Doll Swing and Carrier. All the parts are high quality and the fabric is tough and durable.

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Baby doll swing sets, some final thoughts

These swing sets are brilliant! They create many new ways for your children to play with their dolls. While not being the cheapest accessories out there, baby doll swing sets easily prove their value. This can be seen first hand by all the fun that is being had by your children and their dolls.