Three Awesome Baby Dolls For Boys in 2017

There can be an unfair stigma attached to buying baby dolls for boys. However you shouldn’t let this put you off from making a purchase. Does your son love playing with his sister’s doll sets? Maybe you’re expecting a new addition to the family and want to help prepare your child for having a baby around the house. There are many great reasons to buy a doll for your son, and luckily there are a great number of superb baby dolls for boys available to purchase online.

Some things to consider before buying any new doll

As always, when buying new toys for your children great care should be taken to ensure you choose a safe, fun and engaging product. To help you make this choice we have listed some of the things you should always consider when buying a new baby doll.

Are the build quality and materials up to scratch?
A well loved doll gets a lot of attention, from carrying the doll around by its arms or legs to general wear and tear. A high quality purchase is strongly recommended. You don’t want to have to throw out your child’s favourite doll only weeks after they have become attached to it.

Is it suitable for your child?
If your child is particularly young you will want a doll that is soft and without any small or loose parts. As your child gets older they can enjoy more complicated toys with a range of accessories. Always take your child’s age into consideration when buying a new doll.

Can it be cleaned easily?
Your child’s new baby doll is going to get messy. This is a fact. Being able to throw dolly into the washing machine and not have to worry is a definite plus. All doll manufacturers will provide cleaning instructions for all their products.

Review time!

With literally thousands of products to choose from buying a new baby doll can be a real headache. To help make things a little easier for you we have selected three baby dolls for boys which we think you’ll love just as much as your child will.

North American Bear Company Baby Hero Boy Doll.

Does your little super hero need a sidekick? Look no further than this brilliant baby hero doll.
Great for make believe superhero playtimes. With super soft material and embroidered features its suitable for young babies and toddlers alike. Cleaning is no problem, just chuck your baby super hero in the wash and it will come out just like new.

What we liked

  • Great for young babies and toddlers – Sometimes it can be hard to find dolls suitable for your younger children. Featuring no loose or small parts the North American Bear Companys Baby Hero doll is perfect for babies and young toddlers.
  • Great quality – The build quality of this doll is superb. Geared towards younger children the soft but durable material can easily stand up to extended playtime and all the rigours that this entails.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning could not be easier. This baby doll superhero can easily cope with Juice stains and dirty marks. Simply machine wash on suitable settings for a doll that looks just as good as new.

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Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Bath Boy Baby Doll

Make bathtimes more exciting with this fantastic lightweight baby doll. Specially designed for bath time play. This excellent value doll’s extremities are made of a soft vinyl that is lightly scented with vanilla.Dressed in a lovely striped t-shirt with matching shorts and sun hat. The set also comes with dolly’s very own bathroom toy, a miniature plastic duck.

What we liked

  • Easy to dry – It wouldn’t be very good if a toy designed for bathtime was a pain to dry out. Luckily a little hanging tag on the back of the doll makes it easy to air dry after bathtimes. Its soft material doesn’t take long to dry out ensuring this baby doll is ready for play when needed.
  • Vanilla scented – Adding an extra olfactory experience is not a common feature. We loved the gentle vanilla scent and think your child will as well. Even after continual bathtime use the scent doesn’t fade, leaving your new baby doll smelling fresh for each play session.
  • Helps to make bathtime fun – Having a little friend in the bath with your child makes bathtime way more fun. Teach your child the importance of staying clean as they wash their new best friend while you wash them!

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Paradise Galleries Boy Baby Doll, Finn & Sparky

While certainly not on the cheap side, it’s easy to see where the extra money is being spent with this high quality baby doll. With hand finished details and an excellent fleece sleeper outfit your child will surely love to spend time with Finn and Sparky. Finn comes ready for a day of play with his faithful companion Sparky, a cute plushie puppy. There is also an accessory pack which includes a high quality fleece outfit, complete feeding set and even a baby carrier perfect for little hands to carry their baby from room to room.

Things we like

  • Amazing quality – The build quality of this baby doll set is unrivalled. The eyelashes and hair are hand finished and all baby’s features are hand painted. All in all the price is justified by the build quality alone.
  • Comes with a range of accessories – Included are a large range of accessories. Playtime becomes even more engaging when your child can pretend to feed and change their baby.
  • Sparky the puppy – We love Sparky! Now your child can take care of a cute little puppy as well as their new doll. Creating new interactions and expanding role-play to include pets, Sparky is a welcome addition to this Babydoll playset.

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Final thoughts

Buying baby dolls for boys can be complicated. Not all boys want a doll they have to take care of. Some just want to have fun with their new friend. Speak to your child before you buy to find out what they want. With a staggering range of baby dolls for boys available online, finding the right doll for your son has never been easier.