Three Of The Best Baby Dolls For Girls in 2017

Little girls love taking care of their dolls. With a wide range of activities that include getting them dressed in the latest matching outfit, changing dollies nappy or settling them down for nap-time, the possibilities for gentle and nurturing roleplay are endless.

Which doll is best for your daughter

There are quite literally thousands of different dolls out there. Before choosing your daughter’s next best friend there are a few things you should think about. We have listed some of the more important things you should consider to make the best possible choice for your child.

Is your daughter’s new doll built to last?
Build quality is one of the most important things to consider when buying a new doll. With such a huge range of toys out there it is inevitable that some products just won’t meet your high standards. It is strongly recommended you always check the materials the new doll is made of meet the highest possible standards.

How easy is it to keep clean?
When buying baby dolls for girls it is important to remember that their new toy is very likely to get a bit grubby. If buying a soft doll, check that they are machines washable. Some dolls have harder vinyl extremities, often a simple wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to remove any stains or dirt.

Is it age appropriate for your child?
There are dolls available for all age ranges. For a younger child a softer toy with no small or loose parts is unquestionably the smart choice. For older children there are more complex toys out there with many accessories. You know your child better than anyone. Please keep in mind your child’s age when selecting a new doll for their collection.

Three of the best baby dolls for girls available online

Choosing the right doll for your daughter can be a complicated and time consuming process. With so many different sizes, brands and playsets available getting the right one can sometimes be more luck than judgement. We aim to remove some of the element of chance out of your selection by reviewing three of the best baby dolls for girls that we could find online.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna

The Mine to Love Jenna doll by the wonderful Melissa & Doug toy company is perfect for young wanna be Mommies. With her rosey cheeks and soft cuddly body your child will love taking care of baby Jenna. Comes complete with a really cute, removable pink onesie and matching cap. Baby jennas eyes open when picked up and close when laid down to rest. She can also suck her thumb or the included pacifier adding a touch of realism for young Mommies.

The best bits

  • Made by Melissa & Doug – The Melissa & Doug toy company has been making quality products for over 20 years, enriching children’s playtimes around the world. With loads of accessories available to buy separately, you can count on the same excellent quality throughout their product range.
  • Great for younger children – With her soft body and no small or loose parts Jenna is perfect for younger children and babies. Dressing dolls can help to improve fine motor skills and talking to their “babies” helps to develop language skills.
  • Easy to clean – With her removable, machine-washable onesie and wipe-down arms and legs cleaning is easy. Clean dollie over night so when morning comes she is ready for play.

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La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Soft Basket Set

What can be better than caring for a brand new baby? For many girls, playing at Mommie is the best playtime. With this realistic baby doll for girls, playtime just got a whole lot better! Coming complete with a 6 piece accessory pack that includes a cute pink fabric basket, rattle, removable diaper, shirt, hat and hospital bracelet. It even comes with a Birth Certificate you can fill out. Made from soft but durable vinyl, this doll won’t need replacing any time soon.

The best bits

  • Realistic newborn look – Perfect for playing at Mommie. Your child will love taking care of their new arrival. With many baby dolls for girls appearing slightly older this realistic newborn adds a new dimension for fun and nurturing playtimes.
  • Comes with great accessories – The complete accessory pack helps to expand on role-play options and creates new and exciting ways for your child to interact with their dolly. Get baby ready for a diaper change then dress her afterwards ready for sleep. The Birth Certificate helps add a touch of personalisation to your daughter’s new best friend.
  • High quality – Made from high quality, washable vinyl the La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll will last little Mommies for a long time. The quality doesn’t stop at the doll either. All accessories meet the same high standards as the doll.

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Berenguer Boutique TWINS

What could better than a new baby doll? How about two baby dolls! This 15” twin brother and sister gift pack is perfect for young mommies. Their soft vinyl bodies feel great when cuddled and their open and close eyes add that extra realistic touch. Dressed in super cute two piece embroidered outfits the Berenguer Boutique Twins are great additions to your daughter’s doll collection.

The best bits

  • Perfect for a Christmas or Birthday present – With its wide range of accessories including matching blankets, bottles and pacifiers all coming in a wonderfully presented big gift box, it really does make for an excellent gift choice.
  • Soft cuddly bodies – Young children love to hug and cuddle their little friends. With their soft cloth bodies encouraging gentle nurturing play the Berenguer Boutique Twins are perfect for affectionate children.
  • There is two of them! – Creates more options for open-ended playtime. Brother and Sister can be changed together, fed together and play together. Perfect for a make-believe family environment.

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Baby Dolls for Girls, some final thoughts

With such a massive selection of dolls to decide from, it is easy to get lost trying to make that perfect choice. With careful selection and a little bit of research we are sure you will find the perfect doll for your child.